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Korean Style Scrub


Try Our Bungalow Experience

Located at our Lakewood location, is a private 900 square foot bungalow, equipped with 2 massage suites, a locker room, bathroom, shower, lounge, steam room and scrub room. The unique experience of full body scrub, as performed in Korea, is called Seshin. Our Seshin, is a head to toe exfoliation ritual, removing dead skin. This is a serious scrub, intended for a full body experience, that will result in baby soft skin. This treatment is a “ must try” at Sacred Hour.

The bungalow is for women + couples only for body renewal. 
Groups may rent the bungalow out privately.

Add a Private Steam to any massage treatment, before or after. 30 minutes $50


A unique experience from Korea.  Steam + Full Body Scrub + 1 hr Massage ( Women + Couples). L

 For one guest    120min   $ 225

 For two guests  120 min $450


A unique experience from Korea. Steam + 40 min Full Body Scrub L

 For one guest  60 min   $ 150


Enjoy a private steam before your 1 hr massage  L

90 min   $ 125


Enjoy a private steam before your 1 hour couples massage (couples only) L

90 min   $ 225



Clients with respiratory disease, heart palpitations, high or low blood pressure, diabetes, and the elderly should consult a physician before entering a steam room. Pregnant women should avoid them altogether. Steam rooms have a negative effect on blood pressure, which inhibits oxygen flow to the fetus and may cause birth defects. Male infertility may also result from spending time in steam rooms. According to the Harvard Medical School, high temperatures can make sperm inactive and disrupt development.