Whether you have a cozy five minutes before bed or a cumulative five minutes all month, meaningful beauty rituals starts with simple goals: pour intention into every moment, know your products, share the ones you love with people you love. The key to building a deep, sustainable sense of well-being is rooted in daily beauty rituals. Don’t have time for an at-home spa sesh nightly? No worries, nailing the beauty ritual thing has less to do with what we’re using, and everything to do with how.

Make every moment count during your next ritual time. Breathe as you apply your products. Taking a moment to enjoy the scent of a product is part of the experience. Take a deep breath in before applying anything to your face. This works as a grounding practice to bring you to the present moment. Take time to massage products in with your fingertips. This helps increases blood circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage. It also feels really nice and makes you want to enjoy your beauty ritual. All it takes is five extra seconds.

Listen to your skin. Just like listening to your cravings, we need to tune into what our skin is asking for — it won’t be the same every day. Some days it’s okay to have one step in your beauty ritual, other days you’ll need five. We have all the information we need to make that decision; all we need is to pay attention and respond.

Know what’s in your products. Indulge in the healing potential of pure, natural ingredients like Naturopathica’s line that we carry here at Sacred Hour. Knowing what works for your skin and seeking out products that use those ingredients empowers us to build a beauty routine that’s personal and effective. Many of Naturopathica products and ingredients are audited and certified by Ecocert, the largest and oldest independent natural and organic cosmetic certification body. Adding the Ecocert seal to a Naturopathica products ensures that it has gone through a rigorous review process, from ingredient sourcing and formulation to manufacturing and packaging. The Ecocert Standard guarantees that all ingredients are derived from renewable resources and manufactured with environmentally friendly processes. As well a minimum of 50% of natural ingredients are certified organic.

Accessorize! There’s joy in beauty, why not integrate it into every stage of your beauty rituals? If you’re whipping up a face mask, toss it into a beautiful handmade bowl, or portion it out with a tiny gold spoon. Maybe you need a soft luxurious washcloth, or simply products that come in beautiful bottles with ingredients that smell amazing.

Share your ritual. Find products that you genuinely love and tell your girlfriends and your mom! It will give you something to talk about and bond over!

Don’t blame the clock. You might only have 30 seconds to spare; but those are going to be the best 30 seconds of your day. If you have five minutes, it’s going to be the best 5 minutes.

Don’t fight your own body. Many products are designed to shut down our natural systems. Work with nourishing products that help enhance you body’s natural processes instead. Not sure what you need? Try things! If it works keep using it, and when it doesn’t work try something else. Repeat until you find a beauty ritual that you really, truly love.

Mix + match. Have a lineup of products that work for you, but don’t feel stuck using the same exact combo every day. Play with different products as your skin asks for them. Layer products, test out different ways of enjoying them, and let your beauty ritual be an intimate, creative outlet for self-care.

Dewy, radiant skin is on everyones wish list, so we’ve talked to our esthetician’s here at Sacred Hour to find out their favorite beauty routines using Naturopathica. These quick, simple steps will leave you feeling pampered and totally blissed out!

Start with Naturopathica’s Aloe Cleansing Gel, a foaming, sulfate-free gel that clarifies, cleanses and protects with refreshing Lavender and over 50% Aloe Vera. Perfect for all skin types. Apply a dime size amount to moist skin and gently massage face. Rinse.

Next apply Vitamin K Brightening Eye Serum, an illuminating serum that helps diminish the appearance of dark circles and fine lines. Combines corrective Vitamin K with light-refracting Mica and Silica. Use fingertips to lightly dab a small amount under the eye area daily in the morning.

Step three, Carrot Seed Soothing Facial Oil. An ultra-calming blend of hydrating and soothing seed oils to nourish the skin and prevent redness with protective Carrot Seed Oil and anti-inflammatory Evening Primrose Seed Oil. Apply a pea size amount of oil with 2 pumps of a Naturopathica Mist to fingertips and massage into skin in a circular motion daily at night. Facial oils may also be added to moisturizers, or used alone as serums.

Last layer, apply Honey Vanilla Lip Balm to lips. A nutrient-packed balm with Honey, Shea Butter and smoothing Wild Mango Butter to soothe and soften lips.


The Sacred Hour Team