We’re just over a week into the new year, are you welcoming it with a sense of joy, abundance and grounding? We are all searching for that magic elixir, that sure-fire technique, meditation or action that will guarantee our success in 2018. Anything that can shift you out of a darker state into joy will help you attract more joy, love and abundance.

This gratitude/manifestation ritual will have you looking outward in a new way that we hope you’ll carry through the whole year…

The ritual I’m suggesting you use to change your destiny in the new year is to start blessing people daily. Blessing others is so incredibly simple that most people tend to discount how miraculous the process of blessing people daily can be.

The challenge, take ten people you know or work with. You can include on your blessing list someone you don’t know but maybe you pass in the street every day, the clerk at the grocery store or someone you’ve read about who is having some health, financial or “love” issue…

The ritual is easy, visualize the person in which you want to bless and simply say “Blessings for joy, love, good health, abundance and success.” You can say it out loud or speak it from within. Maybe your best friend is interviewing for a new job, or your family member is about to have a baby. Whatever the case, send them your blessings!

If you want to be more personal you can say “Blessings that you love yourself and that you believe in yourself and are manifesting your dreams.” The main goal is to make them fun and enjoy the time when you are sending these blessings out into the universe! You may just be surprised!

Go through a daily ritual of sending a specific blessing or a general blessing to ten people on your blessing list. Send the blessings to your ten people, twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening, after dinner or before you go to bed. Do this for a series of ten days straight.

Why does sending blessings work? Because when you bless someone, for that moment you come out of yourself and share positive energy with someone else. Because blessing someone takes you out of your own fear, worry, doubt, etc. and it immediately shifts your mood and you feel better. You daily blessings don’t need to take much time, but if your 10 blessings take 60 seconds or more, even better.

A true ritual will not only ensure your success, but it will also change your mood or state at the same time. As we know, joy is the secret to success in all areas.