June 17, 2020
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The Swedish

Whether you are a newbie to spa life or a veteran bodywork client, you’ve probably wondered at least once what difference there is between Swedish massage and deep tissue besides the depth of pressure. The short answer is that they are not too different overall, since both modalities work to increase circulation and broaden the muscle tissue. However, in deep tissue massage therapists often introduce other methods of pain relief like trigger point release or myofascial release in order to address specific complaints. The benefits of deep tissue massage are obvious- if your hip or shoulder has been giving you trouble, therapeutic massage can often correct it. But my feelings about the necessity of massage for holistic health changed when I decided to give medium pressure Swedish massage a shot, with no specific goal other than chilling out.

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decoding the lone wolf

It’s a Me Party… and I’m the only one invited. I’m the girl who prefers being alone. Sound lonely? Not even close.  Why is solo life so appealing? Because I love Me Time. Sound boring? Then you’re doing it wrong. The secret is to find Me Time that recharges YOU. It doesn’t have to be a scene from Sex and the City. It just needs to be that thing that lights you up… Pinterest-ing for two hours, maybe a deep tissue massage… You have to figure that out!  How do I pack in a superhuman amount of …
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October 24, 2018
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The path to healing is sometimes revealed by simply allowing the body to do what it’s supposed to. Craniosacral therapy is an ancient modality that supports the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Its power is in its gentleness and ability to elevate our overall well-being, which makes it an incredible resource for sustainable, mind-body balance. What is Craniosacral therapy? Craniosacral therapy is a gentle, hands-on technique that enhances the body’s self-healing abilities. Operating as … [Read more…]


STRESSED? Or sore? Or angsty? There’s an oil for that. We love the idea that just a few drops added to your Aromatherapy Massage can create a totally natural solution for just about every mind-body struggle. We all know lavender is supposed to chill us out and it’s no surprise that punchy peppermint perks us up and loosens our muscles, but what if we’re dealing with feels that are more complex? There’s essential oil for that too! Aromatherapy is a very old from of … [Read more…]

January 8, 2016
Special Massages


Touch has incredible power. It has been shown to boost the immune system, relieve pain, impact infant development, enhance intelligence, strengthen relationships, improve mood, and calm fear. That’s a long list of abilities for something as simple as a pat on the arm, a brush on the hand, a hug, or a massage.  As we move into a season that celebrates romance and all of the ways in which we express emotion and feeling. I encourage you to consider the power of touch and to take some time — with … [Read more…]