December 9, 2021
Special Massages, Tips, Yoga

A Very Yoga Holiday

It’s no mystery that I, a massage therapist and yoga teacher, think that the best gift you can give during a time of unparalleled stress and unpleasant surprises is a gift certificate for massage or yoga classes. But even if I wasn’t in the business of helping people calm down and recenter, I would still encourage everyone I know to find ways to get away from lining their homes with more things (or toilet paper) they don’t need in the name of the holiday spirit. I intentionally saved this last yama, or yogic moral tenet for how to treat ourselves with respect, for last because I wanted to talk about it during peak consumption season- the holidays.

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April 14, 2021
Special Massages, Parties, Tribu

Meeting Callie

Tribu was a dream that Tabitha percolated for years and made come true by building our boutique champagne lounge in the auxiliary building at the Lakewood spa location. 

Sacred Hour’s little sister got her legs in February 2020, and in a heartbreaking turn of events we were forced to close the doors almost immediately after it opened in order to safely adhere to CDC guidelines.

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February 24, 2021
Special Massages, Tips, Massage

It’s All In Your Head

We are so close to the finish line, but with the end in sight, covid-related tension is at an all-time high. I can recall at least six separate articles published in the past week in which psychologists were interviewed by national publications to confirm our suspicion that everyone in the nation is hitting a “pandemic wall” this month.

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June 17, 2020
Special Massages, Tips, Massage

The Swedish

Whether you are a newbie to spa life or a veteran bodywork client, you’ve probably wondered at least once what difference there is between Swedish massage and deep tissue besides the depth of pressure. The short answer is that they are not too different overall, since both modalities work to increase circulation and broaden the muscle tissue. However, in deep tissue massage therapists often introduce other methods of pain relief like trigger point release or myofascial release in order to address specific complaints. The benefits of deep tissue massage are obvious- if your hip or shoulder has been giving you trouble, therapeutic massage can often correct it. But my feelings about the necessity of massage for holistic health changed when I decided to give medium pressure Swedish massage a shot, with no specific goal other than chilling out.

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