Cortisol Is A Four Letter Word

Wow, it’s November already…?! I’ve been so pleased by this beautiful, balmy autumn. Then I woke up on November 1st to snow on my car and a radiator-heated apartment that also did not know it is almost winter and I could almost feel my teeth clench and the to-do list start to knit together in the back of my mind: start baking list, make baking shopping list, wrapping paper inventory, holiday dinners schedule… The holidays are upon us ladies and gents, and while I absolutely love Christmas with an obnoxious childhood glee, it also carries with it the longest to-do list and succession of late nights I see the whole year.

Stress is a hallmark of yuletide joy, along with ugly sweaters and gingerbread men. The good news is that science has come a long way in the past decade or so in finding answers to aiding modern ailments through nature. We produce a few hormones when we are stressed, but the one we as laymen might have heard of is cortisol. In the short term, cortisol has benefits, making us more aware of our surroundings and increasing the sharpness of memory. However, overexposure to cortisol has been clinically proven to cause weight gain, digestive upsets, and sleep issues. Put another way, long term neglect of your own needs and poor stress management can cause problems down the road. Don’t cancel Christmas yet though, there is an avenue to find balance.

CBD (cannabidiol, a byproduct of hemp plants) has been shown in clinical trials to interfere with cortisol production, making it a perfect companion to late-night gift wrapping marathons. By using this potent herb in medicinal concentrations, you can actually dull the stress response by limiting the production of the stress hormone in your body. A lot of things that sound too good to be true usually are, however, I can tell you from personal experience that Naturopathica’s CBD elixir is legit. You’re definitely still with it, but suddenly have the ability to ride the wave. Sacred Hour has a menu of services we can provide in-spa that use CBD based products if you want to see for yourself, but if you can’t carve out the time for a spa day, we offer the elixir and kava balm for purchase at our Lakewood location.

Remember to put yourself on your lists. You cannot care for others if you don’t first care for yourself.

Cortisol is a 4 letter word

P.S.- If you know someone on your to-buy list who could benefit from a little CBD (hint: basically everyone and their dog) but not sure if they would like to give it a test drive in mixed company, Sacred Hour has HOLIDAY CBD CHILL gift sets from Naturopathica available for purchase – and it’s even already wrapped!