Crystal grids produce so much power and effectiveness for so many people and for so many purposes because they combine the energy of so many different things including the power for the crystals, sacred geometry, numerology and intentions.

First off crystals, many crystals have a geometric crystalline structure or form. Every crystal carries its own unique energy and meaning. Crystal grids harness the energetic properties of different crystals to support you in your goal or intention. Carefully choose the crystals for your grid that has the properties needed. If I am making a crystal grid for success for example, I would choose crystals that attract success like Citrine, Tigers Eye or Carnelian. I would also choose crystals that support this goal such as crystals for determination, self-confidence or prosperity like Garnet and Rose Quartz. Some crystals are used to amplify the effects of other crystals and direct their energies within the grid like clear quartz.

Next up is the grid pattern. Sacred Geometry is the metaphysical science and belief that the geometric patterns that are found in nature and the cosmos are like a divine fingerprint. Acting like the framework of creation, it makes sense that to manifest something in our world we should work with Sacred Geometry. Different geometric shapes and symbols have their own special uses and can tap into different types of energy. Not all the grids you will see about use Sacred Geometry but I think it makes a crystal grid so much more powerful and connected. The geometric shapes I work with in my crystal grids are carefully chosen to support the goal or intention behind the grid. Sacred Geometry also helps sending the energies of the grid out into the world and Universe to manifest. Or alternatively it can be used to change the energy of a location or someones aura in healing work.

Incorporating Numerology into your grid is also important. Numerology is the ancient spiritual science of numbers and is closely related to Sacred Geometry. By carefully choosing a set numbers of crystals you can tap into their symbolic meaning and power within the grid. Not all grids use the symbolic power of numbers, and that’s OK! I love working with numerology in my crystal grids to help support the intention behind them. Working in multiples of certain crystals amplifies their energy and helps focus them on a specific task.

Lastly what is your intention for the grid? Your mind and thoughts direct energies too. When crystals are charged with your intention and arranged with a specific goal in mind, then they really work their best. Clarity is vital for manifesting and all spiritual work. You can charge your crystals with your intention for them by programming them. This is really just giving them a task so they can help you. The crystalline structures of the crystals helps store your intention and broadcasts it for as long as you want.

There is so much to tune into when you start your journey with crystals, I highly encourage you to do your research, the internet is your best friend. If you prefer something more solid I highly recommend The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall.


Some of my favorite crystal parings you can use together:

Rose Quartz + Garnet

Where to place: In the bedroom or on your person. 

Rose Quartz, is dynamic in itself, helping cure issues with self-love and romantic love. Garnet has a much more regenerative energy, so if you’re working with romantic love in particular, Garnet is a great partner to add to your Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz works on the romance, intimacy and connectedness you feel toward another individual, and Garnet works on the sexual attraction, stimulating your passionate kundalini, and your commitment to another person, or theirs to you.

Citrine + Jet

Where to place: In your office or on your desk

Citrine is the wealth stone. It’s sometimes called “the success stone” and “the abundance stone,” and there is no better choice when it comes to attracting positive business luck. Citrine promotes prosperity in all areas, but it’s especially effective in business because it dispels greed and encourages spreading the goodness around. When paired with Jet, this energy becomes heightened. Jet has a deeply grounded, stable and strong energy about it. It helps keep your pursuits focused and that includes financial stability and protection. When these stones work together, they are a seriously powerful combo. If you’re an entrepreneur, looking to move up the corporate ladder, or land your first big job, this is the combo for you!

Celestite + Amethyst

Where to place: On your person, bedside table or a highly visible area

Celestite is an incredibly soothing stone. It encourages positivity, while soothing the anxious or excitable energy that is overly abundant within. It cleans up the aura and promotes light and easy self-expression, making it extra effective if you are seeking therapy for these ailments. When paired with the incredibly dynamic Amethyst, these properties are doubled. Amethyst is restorative and rebalancing. It can help bring your spirit back into balance, while soothing and quelling stress through the Celestite. It promotes emotional stability, while bringing multiple areas of life back into balance so you can work on your inner calm without any hang ups.


Labradorite + Moonstone

Where to place: On your altar or on your person.

Labradorite is called the “stone of magic” because of its abilities to heighten and enhance natural psychic abilities, like intuition. It supercharges your mystical awareness and can give you a boost if you’re looking to learn any other psychic skills. Labradorite stimulates your connection to your sacred path while pulling in the self-confidence to learn the cryptic secret knowledge of the universe. When paired with Moonstone, this personal inner seeking is powered by the moon. It activates the divine feminine, a key piece in being open to absorbing as much spiritual wisdom as possible. Moonstone unblocks any potential hiccups that could be holding your development back, gentle transmuting them with a calming confidence.



  • Ideally you want to create your crystal grid on a new moon, representing new beginnings!
  • Use a crystal grid cloth, by placing your crystals on a grid cloth you can incorporate sacred geometry to help  manifest your intention. Crystal grid layouts can often be more powerful than using a single stone or crystal as the energy of the crystals, the geometric pattern and your intention all work as one energy towards a common goal.



  • Use a crystal point for your center crystal, this will be more powerful for directing your intention straight up into the universe. But any stone works!
  • Write your intent or intentions on a piece of paper and place it in the center of your grid with your center crystal.
  • Activate your crystal grid by drawing an invisible line between each stone with a quartz crystal point to energetically connect each one to the next.