Different Strokes

As a massage therapist in the twilight of Covid, it has been a pleasure to care for people who have been stuck in their houses for months, working from home crunched up at their kitchen tables or other ad hoc home offices. It is satisfying to unwind these knots of tension in the same way it is soothing to watch a hot knife cut through butter, and the care that we have given at Sacred Hour for the last several months has carried with it a sense of duty it never did before because of the unique confluence of physical and emotional tension created by the circumstances.

Never in my whole career have I had my hands on so many people who were so palpably stressed, and I think this observation is as good a metric as any to measure how Over It we are. In short, our nerves are completely shot. Massage veterans and newbies alike are coming to the spa and asking for their massage therapist to dig out knots or bring them to the edge of their pain threshold, when what I think most of my clients actually need is to just be held in some way that doesn’t involve gritting their teeth.

If you have a nagging issue, of course, we are happy to work on that, but consider scheduling a facial or body treatment for after your massage to give your nerves a chance to be completely calm, to let your breath lengthen, and let your mind settle. You need rest more than you think.

– Colleen, Sacred Hour Massage Therapist + Head Staff Writer