Discernment As Self Care

Collectively, in the last few years, it finally dawned on us that absolutely flooring it until we achieve every last one of our goals and resting only after success is not practicable. Stopping for breaks to care for ourselves is vital to a well rounded and fulfilling life, and the popularization of this concept birthed the self-care movement. Self-care is a term that has been applied to the general idea of taking a gentler and more mindful approach to your own life. Caring for yourself means establishing a morning ritual, scheduling a massage, or booking some yoga classes, especially when you feel a bad case of burnout coming on.
The idea is to find time to give yourself love so you can better support those in your network, be it your family, close friends, or even coworkers. We don’t expect to gas up our sedan in Cleveland and set out for Los Angeles, foolishly thinking we won’t need to stop for gas, food, or cute selfies and beautiful sunsets. The same goes for our day to day lives- you need fuel to get through your life, but you also need beauty. The rub is figuring out what “beauty” looks like to you, and being mindful about how to achieve moments of it. It gets complicated not because you don’t have beauty all around you, but because advertising agencies have sunk their claws into the radical self-care movement and turned it into an “Industry.” Self-care does not look like an overpriced face mask in an aluminum tube I can order in the mail, or swiping my credit card on a bunch of impulse buys at Anthropologie, or ordering Thai delivery 5 times a month (even though I totally want to believe that because all of those things are fun). It looks like setting boundaries, getting enough sleep at night, limiting your screen time, and drinking more water.
The beauty, the magic, is what lies on the other side of self-care. Waking up in time to enjoy your morning before work because you limit your pre-bed screen time, or saying no to an additional work project so you have more time for your family, and eating something green 3 times a day because it’s better for your afternoon energy levels than coffee are all examples of true self-care. So start a love affair with yourself if you haven’t already. After all, even the Buddha says: “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the Universe, deserve your love and affection.”
With this in mind, Sacred Hour, in both locations, will be closed on Sundays, beginning in May. Both locations and Tribu, our newest addition, will be open 6 days per week. We too need time to connect with friends and family, rest and recharge our bodies and souls, so we are not only better for you, but better for ourselves.
Self Care