Extraordinary Machine

I read almost nothing but coronavirus coverage over the last two months (haven’t we all?), partially out of necessity as it rightfully sucked all of the oxygen out of the news cycle, but mostly out of anxious curiosity. As someone who makes others feel better for a living, I not only wanted to get knowledgeable about how it is affecting us in the present moment, but also how it will inform my work through massage and teaching yoga once we all get back to our lives. As an optimist I paid special attention to developments regarding treatments, or any vaccines already on the market that could possibly treat it, etc. There were a lot of fumbles in this department, because that’s what happens when we are panicking and so much is on the line. But with all clinical solutions come clinical trials to make sure drugs and vaccines are safe, and those trials take time, a resource so many with Covid-19 are desperately short on.

The best the medical community could do with a virus we have never met before was to encourage us to get back to basics: staying hydrated, eating vegetables, getting some sunlight, and getting good sleep all bolster our immune system and reduce our chances of becoming ill. Our best defense is the one we were born with- our body’s ability to heal itself. As always, Grandma knows best. Not to say that we should laugh in the face of a deadly virus, of course. I personally know people who have suffered great loss as a result of Covid-19 so immune support is not 100% virus proof. But at this time all the resources we have available to fight the virus are already within us. And it comes as a comfort to me that there are simple accessible things you can do to help your body help itself, even at such a vulnerable time. As a holistic healthcare practitioner, it pleases me to have the strength and resilience of the human body reaffirmed once again.