Gearing Up To Downshift

Recently I got a CBD pedicure at Sacred Hour Lakewood, and as I was getting ready to head out the door, I made a quick note to myself of all the things I was getting together: sandals, book, phone on silent, etc. Being in the wellness industry, it’s easy to prepare since I know what needs I will have. But for many who don’t spend half their life in a spa, it’s kind of a mystery what to expect once you walk in the front door, and by extension how to make the best of the time you set aside for good old fashioned R&R. As someone who works and plays at the spa, I’m well-positioned to put together a quick list of things to bring/what to expect to make your time restorative rather than stressful.

  1. Plan like your Dad going on a flight.

Well, maybe don’t plan that hard. Last minute appointments can be a fun way to spend the afternoon (surprise day off massages feel better, IMO) but booking in advance allows you to plan out the events of the day leading up to your appointment. The only way 480 can get more stressful is if you’re on it instead of a massage table. On that note, commit to relaxation by showing up to your appointment a little early. The time you spend at Sacred Hour is not limited to the time you book with us, so kick off your shoes, bring a book, brick your phone for a while. Giving yourself a moment to tune out the world before your service will help you enjoy your time more.

  1. Keep it simple.

Most of us ladies are in the habit of getting dolled up before we go out, but I promise Sacred smiles upon those who come plain-faced in a ponytail. The less makeup and jewelry you have to worry about, the better. All of our massage therapists and estheticians will ask you to take off any necklaces, bracelets, and watches before your service starts anyhow. Especially if it’s an heirloom piece you will worry about remembering the whole time you are supposed to be relaxing, it’s best left at home.

  1. It’s a vacation, pack accordingly.

Some of the services at Sacred Hour include a shower, so if you have a Lemongrass Mimosa Scrub, Drunken Lotus, Korean Scrub or a steam, plan to bring along items you might want on hand after a shower. My shortlist for the steam room bag is deodorant, hairbrush, clean underwear, and face moisturizer. If you are trying to protect your curls or your blowout, tack on a shower cap to your list as well.

  1. But first, hydrate.

Raise your hand if you are the kind of person who has to stop in for a massage on the way home from work before your kids get the chance to stress you out even more (!!!). I realize that the above list is not doable for so many of the adults on this planet because of the demands of life. You are not in trouble if you don’t take all of these suggestions. But we love it when you get a couple glasses of water in before you get to our threshold, and that is something everyone can make time for in their day. Cheers to that.