Spend a few relaxing moments in a space of your own that will result in clarity, peace and quiet. Create a healing space in your home that supports your best self. It doesn’t have to be elaborate – just an intentional space that soothes your senses and feeds your soul.

Sit in your thoughts a bit and be mindful about things you see and do that help you feel comfortable and relaxed. Allow your intuition guide you and include items that activate happy, positive thoughts and feelings.

1. Keep it Simple

Your healing space can be a shelf, a nook, or a room. There is no need to overthink or overdo the space. It is a place for you to sit and rest, clear your mind, set intentions, or practice deep breathing.

2. Include the Senses

Combine elements that engage the senses of sight, smell, hearing, and touch. Include a photo you love or a quote that resonates. Diffuse your favorite essential oil or burn a scented candle. Play soothing music or sounds of nature such as ocean waves or a thunderstorm. Include a comfy pillow, a soft blanket, or a relaxing chair to sit.

3. Incorporate the Elements of Nature

Consider the elements of nature when choosing items. Include a plant (air), a candle (fire), a small fountain or bowl (water), or a rock or crystal (earth.) Connecting with the elements via your healing space will ground your body and mind.

The connection between your senses, emotions and the immune system is well established and accepted by health practitioners. Foster your wellness by creating a healing space for your mind, body and soul.