Rita started her Holistic spiritual path 20 years ago, as she came upon her very own medical issues,  Subacute Cutaneous Lupus, and Breast Calcium Calcification. As soon as she was diagnosed, she started her research on what type of natural healing remedies that would cure and restore her skin, emotions, mind, body, and soul back to being its vibrant self again; and she succeeded by having huge faith, and belief within herself and her connection to her infinite spirit, to make her whole again.

SH: How did you find SH?

R: Tabitha and I’s mutual friend Christine Anderson from Be Studios introduced us!

SH: Why do you love working at SH?

R: The Sacredness of the space and the owner Tabitha. I love the people here and the vibe.

SH: Tell me about your process in finding Reiki?

R: I was always into crystals and nature when I was young. Then when I got older I was diagnosed with a medical issue. I refused medication and began using herbs, crystals and praying while using compression on the affected area. Three months later when I went back to the doctor my symptoms had resided and my doctor was blown away.

SH: How has Reiki effected you personally?

R: Both mentally and physically. I feel like my spirituality and consciousness has raised. I can feel the body heat from my attunements. My sense of smell has increased, I feel much more aware. I love it.

SH: What are your goals in practicing Reiki?

R: To become more aware of myself and my guests. To follow my intuition to help heal and share my energy with others.

SH: Who/what inspires you?

R: My mother, she was a natural healer and taught me a lot of what I know. She was extremely intuitive and passed that on to me. She always old me to follow my intuition and even though she has passed she is always guiding me.

SH: What are your hobbies/activities outside of work?

R: Spending time outside, going to the gym, pole dancing, I really love staying active. Hanging out with my cats staying balanced and grounded.

SH: Where is your favorite place you have traveled or dream place to travel?

R: I loved Savannah Georgia. But if I could go anywhere it would be Egypt!

SH: I know your into crystals, do you have a favorite and for what purpose do you use it?

R: Carnelian, it enhances vitality and provides higher energy when I need it.

SH: Favorite restaurant/ hang spot in Cleveland?

R: Porco Tiki Lounge for their patio and Townhall!

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