The Korean Scrub. What is it? How come you haven’t experienced  it yet?  I’ve been receiving Korean scrubs since I was 22.  Now at 47, Im still in love with this ultra pampering, head to toe exfoliation. In Korea, bath houses or jimjibangs, offer everything from hot and cold tubs, showers, saunas and massage tables. The Korean scrub is also offered to guests in these gender separated, public bathhouses.  I decided a long time ago, that when I owned my very own spa, I would bring this ritual to our guests. Our Korean scrub at Sacred Hour is provided by our technicians who are all licensed massage therapists, and in addition, have, themselves,  experienced a number of Korean scrubs in major cities, from NYC to LA.

At Sacred Hour, the experience is a bit different, in the sense of privacy and personal space. The treatment is offered in a separate building, our bungalow, offering complete privacy and a chance to unplug. The Korean scrub is traditionally done nude for women, men must wear an undergarment during the service, at SH.  Once you slip into your spa robe, you are guided to a private rain shower.  From the shower, you step into your very own private steam room, space enough for more, though, reserved just for you. Allow the steam to begin to ground you. Your skin becomes warm and dewy, just what your scrub goddess needs to slough off the dead skin and uncover a new you.

After 15-20 minutes you are greeted by your technician and brought into a low lit, private wet room. The steam rolls in for extra warmth, and the bowls of water cascade over your entire body, preparing for your head to toe exfoliation. For 40 minutes, almost every part of your body, your temple, is scrubbed clean, behind the ears, in between the toes, your chest, belly and armpits. Yup, almost everything! Go ahead, try it… I guarantee, you will be back again!


Korean Scrub Cleveland