Life is to be celebrated

Tribu Lounge at Sacred Hour SpaAt this point in the year I’m sure all of us have canceled at least one big plan. But not only are we all lamenting the big canceled plans- weddings and graduation parties come to mind first- but also the little ones. A summer void of casual girls nights, staying out late with your partner, and hitting happy hour with your coworkers after finishing a big project are the little losses that add up. It may feel like your social life is dying a death by a thousand cuts, but the silver lining here is that there is most certainly something you can do about it. Rather than lamenting the loss of dozens of casual get togethers, re-frame this as an opportunity to celebrate the time you make for your loved ones. While you might be getting burnt out on planning absolutely everything, do we ever get tired of planning vacations or parties? And when have your relationships, whether romantic or platonic, ever suffered from being met with intention?

Being selective about where we go and who we take our masks off around is part of life in 2020, and if you don’t feel comfortable going to karaoke night at a dive bar (even if it’s your bestie’s bachelorette) I can hardly blame you. Being a space that provides tailored, safe experiences is what we do best, and we’ve extended our hand of care to our champagne lounge, Tribu, pronounced tree-boo. Located at our flagship spa in Lakewood, Tribu is only available by reservation, because this way we can offer a unique opportunity to steal away to a private spot to get a drink and hang with your crew. Available for reservations by the hour, Tribu has an intimate outdoor space, and is in a completely separate building from the spa so it truly is yours for the time you reserve it. So you can still have a happy hour with your cohort to celebrate a work accomplishment, or have a mimosa and a snack with your spouse, just because it’s a Tuesday. Grab your spouse or quaranpod and make plans with us to make up some of the lost time you’ve suffered over these months of staying in, safely and in style.


– Colleen, Sacred Hour Massage Therapist + Staff Writer