On Living And Loving Freely

Last week we talked a little bit about how important de-stressing is to the process of connecting with yourself and with your partner. Stress clouds our minds with unwelcome thoughts, encourages the spiral of anxiety, and gets in the way of treating ourselves and loved ones with the care and complete attention they deserve. We’re not interested in you coming in for a massage because it keeps us in business, we care about you coming in regularly because it is our way of practicing stewardship towards our community. Helping you manage stress in a safe, comfortable environment is our number one priority, and we are so grateful you’ve allowed us to do this for the last 16 years. Put another way, we love helping you love yourself and others more fully by helping you manage your stress.

In February we think about love even more often than normal and schedule a lot more couples massages than we do the rest of the year. It makes sense- you and your partner both feeling good in your body by way of receiving a massage is an excellent way to spend an afternoon any time, but especially for Valentine’s Day. The reverence with which we come to this responsibility does not change if the sexes of the clients are the same or different, how you present your gender, or if one or both of you is in transition. We get a lot of calls about our tolerance policy concerning same-sex couples getting couples massages, and while it breaks our hearts that their safety in pursuing a couples day is something some have to consider, we understand. The nature of massage is that you become vulnerable, and there is an implicit trust you must have in an establishment in order to receive massage comfortably. But no one’s safety is compromised at Sacred Hour, and we welcome people from all walks of life to celebrate with us, in the love that they have for their partner of choosing, and for themselves.

– Colleen Jenkins, Sacred Hour Massage Therapist and Staff Writer

Living and Loving Freely