Sacred Hour lakewood spa

Our main Sacred Hour spa on Detroit Avenue in Lakewood is arranged in 2 buildings, on two levels, and includes 5 treatment rooms, a fireside space for manicures, pedicures, and foot massages; a relaxation lounge, secure locker room, 2 steam rooms and rain showers; as well as a Korean Scrub Studio, and wine bar to enjoy before or after you time at the spa.

Because we’re in Lakewood, we support Lakewood. Sacred Hour sells many locally sourced products which allows us to support other local businesses. Plus, buying from local vendors means the product has less travel time from the producer to you which helps decrease the use of fossil fuels in its transport. Finally, we’re part of the Lakewood community. We live here, we shop here, and we hope that you do too.

Our private 900-square-foot bungalow has an immersive and lavish private lounge which is perfect for spa parties. The bungalow also houses our Korean Scrub Studio. This private studio is reserved solely for women, and is equipped with its own entrance, private steam, rain shower, and scrub room.

Additionally, we have an intimate yoga space behind our spa. The stand-alone room is designed for small group classes, held 2-3 times a week, as well as private or one-on-one yoga sessions. We also offer couples Thai Massages in this secluded hideaway space.


Need a massage in Lakewood? Sacred Hour is the answer.

MON – FRI 10 TO 8
SAT 9 TO 4

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Our Lakewood and Rocky River locations are now open. Please read our Covid-19 page to see what your next visit will look like.