Rocky River

Rocky river

Sacred Hour Rocky River spa

Looking for a massage in Rocky River?
Our massage studio in Rocky River offers 4 treatment rooms where we offer a unique array of massage services.


Additionally, we pride ourselves in crafting exquisite spaces, so we feature a home goods store at the Sacred Hour Rocky River spa location. We offer items that include candles, artwork, furniture, and lighting because we believe that your home is a sacred space and you deserve to extend your peace and joy beyond your time with us.


Need a massage in rocky river? Sacred Hour is the answer.

MON 11:30 TO 6:30
TUE - THU 10 TO 5
FRI 11:30 TO 6:30
SAT 9 TO 4
SUN 10 TO 4

sacred space

Need assistance with designing your own sacred space? Contact Tabitha Baker at