Rocky River

Rocky river

Sacred Hour Rocky River spa

Looking for a massage in Rocky River?
Our massage studio in Rocky River offers 4 treatment rooms where we offer a unique array of massage services.


Because we’re in Rocky River, we support Rocky River. Sacred Hour sells many locally sourced products which allows us to support other local businesses. Plus, buying from local vendors means the products you buy have less travel time from the producer to you which helps decrease the use of fossil fuels used in its transport. Plus, we’re part of the Rocky River community. We live here, we shop here, and we hope that you do too.

Additionally, we pride ourselves in crafting exquisite spaces, so we feature a home goods store at the Sacred Hour Rocky River spa location. We offer items that include candles, artwork, furniture, and lighting because we believe that your home is a sacred space and you deserve to extend your peace and joy beyond your time with us.


Need a massage in rocky river? Sacred Hour is the answer.

MON 11:30 TO 6:30
TUE - THU 10 TO 5
FRI 11:30 TO 6:30
SAT 9 TO 4

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