LOVE Abound

Years ago, I heard someone say that the reason life feels like it happens without you noticing is because there aren’t as many major events in the lives of adults as there are in our childhood. Time seemed to move slower when we were in elementary school because each day we learned something new, or tried something for the first time. Big moments, even if they seem small in retrospect, marked the passage of time and serve as a sort of metric for how long ago that actually was. I’d like to add my own observation to this, that children busy themselves with building friendships, developing artistic skills, and playing soccer rather than spending hours online shopping for clothes, cars, or vacations. Seeing a faux abundance online through advertisements or carefully planned Instagram grids convinces you that there is a scarcity in your own life that you might buy your way out of *by design,* convincing you there is more life on the other side of the next purchase than the life happening all around you. As a kid, the things that made me feel safe and happy were my family, a warm house, and my awesome friends (and dog!), and I don’t remember Christmases as fondly as I remember watching thunderstorms with my dad on the back porch. As adults, I think we do a very good job of convincing ourselves that we can buy our way to happiness and safety somehow, but one evening watching Bravo will remind you that money cannot buy confidence, love, or friendship. Taking that reminder to heart is another challenge though.

-Colleen-Sacred Hour Massage Therapist-Staff Writer