Asiya is our newest Spa Reservationist and all star here at Sacred Hour Wellness Spa. She’s lived all over the globe, speaks four languages and enjoys picking wildflowers, language and culture. Asiya graduated from CSU and then moved to France and lived there for 5 years. She just recently returned and we couldn’t be happier to have her as a part of our sacred coven!

SH: What brought you to SH? 
A: I needed to get settled somewhere for a while, and that place is here in Cleveland where my mom and brother are. I had seen ad’s for the position here at SH and doubted myself. Finally the negative energy I was holding released and I applied. The next day Tabitha called me and I was over the moon! So I guess fate brought me here!

SH: What do you love about your job here at SH?
A: I love the people, everyone works well together and communicates so well. There is such a sense of sacred family going on. The guests who come in are so willing to trust in all of us. I also feel as employees we all have very specific roles that we play.

SH: Tell me about your first massage experience at SH. 
A: I was so used to massages in other countries, and I discovered the difference between a masseuse and a massage therapist. I just recently had a massage with Tres and came out feeling totally euphoric and relaxed. It was the first experience in a massage where I came out in a totally different realm.

SH: What do you like to do outside of work?
A: I love hiking, pilates and yoga. I’m a home body so I love having quite time and reading a great book.

SH: Was it hard for you going through so many big life changes recently and coming back to the US?
A: It’s never easy but this adjustment has been more comfortable because my family is here. Getting adjusted to modes of transportation is the biggest. In France there is a train every 15 minutes and it only costs a dollar! Nothing is easy but remembering the positive things keep me going!

SH: What does your dream vacation look like?
A: Taking a year off and going to New Zealand. I love it there, the culture, the people the sights! But if were talking about sipping Pina Colada’s at the beach I would love to go to one of the islands in the Phillipein’s and spend all of my time at the beach, I love the beach I could spend all day there in the hot sun playing volleyball.

SH: Do you plan on making a new years resolution?
A: I feel like I’m constantly working on my new year’s resolution all year. I’m always working on myself to be a better individual, a better daughter, a better friend.

SH: What makes you the happiest? 
A: It’s kind of more of a situation, or a picture. But the dream to have all of my loved ones in the same place, everyone I’m connected to at my family’s cabin in North Carolina. Sitting around a fire, laughing and enjoying a great bottle. But as of right now a great kale, quiona, avocado, chicken salad with a great bottle of red wine!

SH: Music/Books/Movies?
A: Movies, I’m a huge Quentin Taranto fan but, Gone with the Wind is my all time favorite movie. Khaled Hosseini is my favorite author he wrote Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns and The Mountains Echoed. They are amazing and I cried during all three, it’s like a movie playing out while your reading. Music, I love everything from classical to heavy metal. But my top five bands are The Doors, The Kinks, The Killers, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.