Meet our therapist Mary T! Mary attended Harmony Path School of Massage. In addition to offering massage services, Mary is a licensed Advanced Esthetician, specializing in holistic skincare, and deluxe brow shaping. As a certified Reiki Master, she utilizes her energy work, shiatsu, trigger point and various modalities based on individual needs to enhance and improve well being.

Sign: Libra
Dietary Preferences: Clean, Green + Healthy!
Drink: Water.
Favorites TV show: Ozark
Phobias: Having regrets, and not living life to the fullest!
Favorite place you’ve traveled: Paris + Hawaii!
Where do you want to travel to next: Any beach would make me happy!
Why did you choose massage and skincare: I love helping people feel great and beautiful!
Favorite part about SH: All of the great people who work here and our guests!
Favorite service to offer: Eyebrow supreme + Signature Facial!
Favorite Naturopathica products: Carrot seed oil, because it helps to balance your skin and your can use it as a primer before you apply your make up!

Mary is available:

Monday 5-9 LW

Tuesday 5-9 LW

Thursday 11:30-6:30 RR

Friday 4-8 LW

Saturday 9-5 LW