Meet Karen! Karen obtained her bachelors in Physiology/Anatomy from UC Berkeley, studied 2 years of medicine in Chicago, and obtained her massage license at the American College of Sports Massage. Her modalities are a mix of Swedish, Deep, TP, Sports Massage, and energy work. Karen has 20 years in the field of massage and bodywork.

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Favorite TV Show/Music/Movie/Books: I love ALL music …I agree with Taylor Swift when she says “people haven’t always been there for me but music has.” Music = therapy for me.

I don’t have a favorite movie but I really like the film Like Water for Chocolate and the movie Chef.

I don’t take the time to read books like I should but I love when my yoga journal shows up in the mail!

Favorite place you’ve traveled: Moab, Utah is my favorite place to mountain bike/hike California is my favorite place to be, it’s where I feel most at home. I’ll travel anywhere, I love adventure.

Future travel plans: Taking my kids backpacking with my husband for their spring break, looking for a warm destination!

Dream vacation: Any place that will rejuvenate me from backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail to Kripalu.

Favorite food: Home grown vegetables incorporated into an amazing meal that my husband cooks for me.

Why did you choose massage: Massage chose me.

How did you find Sacred Hour, What brought you here and why do you love it: I seriously can’t believe that I waited so long to join Tabitha’s team. We worked together at least 15 years ago and she was “a force” way back then. I love working in the atmosphere and with the energy that surrounds Tabitha/Sacred Hour/my co-therapists/SH clientele.

Favorite service to offer: A combo of deep tissue/table Thai because I feel most confident that I can help someone with this kind of treatment.

Favorite essential oil: Olabs blend of Eucalyptus and Peppermint.

What do you love about being a LMT: Massage is in my blood, I’ll give massages til the day I die. It isn’t a job for me it’s what I know to do, it’s intuitive. Every body is different, even the same body on different days is different …bodies tell you how to work them… you don’t tell them.

Tell me a little bit about your journey into yoga, why you love it, and why you wanted to bring it here to SH? Yoga has helped me in so many ways. I went into it as a physical therapy tool to save my lower back issues and instead what I got out of it was a whole new way of looking at myself. It helps ground me in the same way getting bodywork does, however I am at the very beginning of my yoga journey. I am a Yogi sponge, always learning from my students!

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