Meet Kristen our Therapist of the week! Kristen graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage and became a licensed massage therapist in 2015. She learned about the benefits of bodywork from her grandfather who was a chiropractor. Kristen’s therapeutic approach to massage involves deep work to loosen overly contracted muscles. Last year Kristen received her specialty certification in Sports/Athletic Massage.

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Favorite TV Show/Music/Movie/Books:
TV show: Golden Girls
Music: I like all music but my favorite artists are The Beatles and The White Stripes
Movie/Book: Into The Wild

Favorite place you’ve traveled:
Chicago! My best friend lives there so I try to visit often!

Future travel plans/dream vacation:
I hope to travel to Paris in the near future!

Any pets:
I have a dog named Gizmo, she’s an english bulldog/beagle mix.

What are your hobbies outside of work:
Reading, working out, hiking with my pup, listening to music.

Favorite Food:
Grilled cheese.

Favorite thing to drink:

Favorite essential oil/scent:
Lavender or Frankincense.

Why did you choose massage:
I received a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Ohio State in 2010 but I had a tough time finding a job I loved so I decided to change careers. My grandpa worked as a chiropractor at his own practice in Cleveland Heights and I received treatments from him frequently growing up. He definitely inspired my interest in bodywork. After enrolling in massage school I quickly realized how fascinating the human body is and I am an anatomy and physiology junkie now!

How did you find Sacred Hour, what brought you here and why do you love it:
I was working at a very corporate Massage company right after I got my massage license but all I wanted to do was continue to learn. I applied at Sacred Hour and realized that it was definitely the place for me. There are so many opportunities for learning and growing, I never feel like I’m doing the same thing every day. I love my clients- I am honored to be able to help them feel better every visit. I love my coworkers- they are always teaching me something new and we are a strong tribe.

Favorite service to offer and why:
Deep tissue/therapeutic massage, especially on athletes. I love to manipulate muscle groups specific to an athlete’s training/sport. It’s rewarding to watch athletes heal and advance in their sport with the help of massage therapy.

What do you love about being a LMT/Esthetician:
That moment when a client walks out of the treatment room and says “I can actually move my (insert body part) now!” When you watch a client move their body in a way they couldn’t before they laid down on the massage table. That’s the best part for sure. Knowing I can help heal a human makes my heart full.

How do you stay grounded:
Prayer, seeking the wisdom of my friends and family often.


Kristen is Available: 

Wednesday 10-5 Lakewood 

Thursday 10-5 Lakewood