Meet one of the newest additions to our tribe, Regina LMT and Thai Therapist!

Regina has been a full-time therapist since early 2016, after receiving extra training in Thai/Shiatsu massage and Reiki in Costa Rica and Indonesia. Bringing her experience from different parts of the world, she creates a grounding tranquil approach to her massages. Integrating hypnotic Swedish movements and thorough Therapeutic and Deep Tissue style. As well as weaving in her knowledge in Asian Modalities and energy work to provide a soothing and effective massage. With compassionate and careful listening, Regina address both physical and energetic issues gently guiding to ease the mind, balance the body, and embrace the spirt.


Zodiac Sign: Gemini. My sign is full of versatility and vibrancy.

Favorite Books/Movies/Music/: I really love empowering women voices in music. Favorite movies to watch are documentaries. I just read the Russian classic The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov, it was amazing.

Favorite place you’ve traveled: Dominican Republic with my best friend. It has become a second home and I am so looking forward to going back this year.

Favorite food: Spicy food=Life

Why did you choose massage: After many years of searching for a career I truly belonged in, massage came into my life beautifully. I instantly felt a connection to the healing abilities and love surrounded in the practice.

How did you find Sacred Hour, What brought you here and if so why do you love it: I heard about Sacred Hour through word of mouth by many people on the West Side raving about it while I was still in massage school. I dreamt of working here, it sounded magical. And it was true, Sacred represents healing, and relaxation in a beautiful environment with an amazing staff and wonderful services to offer.

What is your favorite service to offer: I love them all but Thai massage is definitely a favorite. Thai massage is an ancient healing system and that energy is felt greatly when performed. Getting grounded and creating space and flexibility in the body is much need for everyone.

What is your favorite essential oil: Our essential oils are wonderful and smell so lovely and relaxing. I love any oils that are earthy or citrus.

What do you love about being a LMT: I love being an LMT because of the real connections made through holism and wellness. Being able to provide people with genuine care and compassion on a daily basis is pretty amazing. The people you meet in this career are supportive and positive. I love the varying opportunities in the massage field. You can work in a spa one day and work in a medical facility the next. Continuing education is fun and exciting. Massage therapy rules!

Regina is Available in Lakewood:

Monday 10-3
Friday 4-8
Saturday 9-5