Sheena is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage. She has been practicing massage for 6 years providing techniques to promote natural healing. Some of her specialties include; Swedish, Therapeutic, Deep, and Aromatherapy. She has a natural soothing firm touch.

SH: What inspired you to becoming a Massage Therapist?
S: After I went to Cosmetology at Interstate Beauty School in 2011 and graduated I was able to offer Relaxation Massage, I loved it so much and I received so much good feedback from my guests that I decided to get my Massage Therapy license to be able to offer more services.

SH: How did you find SH and what do you enjoy most about working here?
S: Last March Kirsten another Massage Therapist here at SH found me the job!

SH: What do you enjoy the most about your career here at SH?
S: The environment, the decor and the management. I feel like this is my own little resort when I come here to work.

SH: What is your favorite service to offer?
S: 90 min therapeutic is my favorite to offer, I think 90 minutes is the best because it gives you the the perfect amount of time to cover the whole body thoroughly, especially the back.

SH: What are some of your favorite essential oils to use during massage?
S: I love essential oils! Sacred Hour has the best essential oils from Naturopathica. My favorites are lavender, peppermint, bergamot, ylang ylang, lemongrass and eucalyptus.

SH: Do you have any favorite books/movies/music?
S: I read from time to time, but my favorite show is Grey’s Anatomy! Hands down my favorite. Also I’ve been watching a new show called Lucifer that I really like. I love all types of music from reggae to 80’s!

SH: Tell me about your home life/ what is Sheena doing outside of work?
S: Well I’m a mom, so raising my son Giovanni. He’s 6 going on 16! I also love painting, drawling, dancing and Karaoke. Anything I can do to express my creativity.

SH: How do you make time for yourself and stay grounded?
S: Through my art and spending time with my son Gio.

SH: Where is your favorite place you have traveled and where do you want to travel to next?
S: The Dominican Republic was absolutely beautiful. I would love to travel to Italy, to see the sights and eat some amazing pizza!

SH: What makes you the happiest?
S: Making others happy. My son Gio, the beach and palm trees, chocolate and wine!

SH: What accomplishment are you most proud of?
S: I would say being a great mom to Gio and how much I’ve grown raising him.

Sheena is available:
FRI 11:30-6:30 ROCKY RIVER