Get grounded. Travel of any sort can leave us feeling uprooted and unsteady in the absence of routine, home and predictably; and the root chakra definitely takes the brunt, declaring its presence via digestive issues, homesickness, a feeling of being way up in the ether. Get up close and personal with Mother Earth before, during and after travel. Go outside, walk, sit under a tree, lose the shoes, lay on the earth. Close your eyes, take several deep breaths, and envision yourself sourcing grounding energies both from within and from the earth. Repeat as often as needed.

Maximize your idle time, Often the getting there, whether road trips, flights, delays, so on, holds a lot of downtime for self-care, even more so when we’re not plugged in. While the thought of a jam-packed airport gate on a recurring delay sounds anything but nurturing, re-frame the agony into pure potentiality. Next time you’re en route, pack some herbal teas to sip and soothe your nervous system. If fresh fruit is available, add some to your water bottle. Go all in on skin treatments to infuse yourself, especially if flying, try a rose water or lavender mist for your face. If self-care is an indulgent read, favorite playlist on repeat, podcast you’ve already started three times, or simply people watching, give yourself permission to mindfully indulge, relax and care for yourself.

Get Moving, walking, jogging, yoga, jumping jacks — physical activity of any sort is key during travel and once you’ve arrived. Moving gives us an energy infusion, ups circulation, fights fatigue and jet lag, sometimes even makes fitness friends. It helps us stay connected with our body while so much else is in flux.

Tune in. Wherever you go, there you are, so be there! Travel keeps us acutely present with senses at volume 10, very little routine or control, and often has us less plugged in than at home. Flirt with the freedom of being — geographically, at least — unreachable, with heightened senses, with spontaneity, with saying YES. If you don’t regularly meditate, experiment with sitting in stillness, eyes closed, for just a few minutes a day. Take note of observations within as well as where you’re exploring, maybe even jot them in a journal as a soulful souvenir.

Pack an Altar. Whether or not you have an altar at home, gathering a few significant objects such as crystals, notes, photos, seashells, maybe even a tea light candle or sage can help keep us stay grounded, connected, steady and present while away. Allow this space in travel to be sacred, and a visual reminder of your home, heart, and the expansion to be found in seeing the world.