No place like your squad for the holidays

Year-round, women have to juggle a lot: job, house, kids, dinner, remembering to buy toilet paper, you get the idea. There is constant pressure from all sides telling us what our lives should look like, and the holiday season cranks that tiny inner critic’s voice to eleven. It’s easy to lose your footing with an additional workload of playing Santa for your household or close circle of friends. Staying grounded is always hard for me, but gets harder with the added responsibilities of gifting, potlucks, and my social calendar every December.

Let me be clear: I absolutely love Christmas. But I love restorative rest and quiet evenings with friends even more. Making sure I get to yoga classes or getting a coffee with a gal pal is key for me to keep a level head every year. Connecting with other women has been a game-changer for me as I have gotten older and the list of things to keep track of gets longer every year.

Working at Sacred Hour, I can attest to the love and support I feel in a women-centered workplace. This comes from the deep connection and understanding that only other women can have about your experience and perspective on the world. Before joining the team at Sacred Hour, I didn’t have very many girlfriends and didn’t realize the support I was missing out on in a female network. Being seen and understood at times when words can’t adequately capture how alone or helpless you might feel is priceless, and there are so many instances in the life of a woman where words don’t do justice. I’m sure each of you knows what I mean.

So when overwhelming yuletide busyness becomes overwhelming loneliness, or if you are like many and the holidays aren’t happy or exciting because they bring up painful memories, be proactive about the wellness of your spirit. Instead of playing the compare game by scrolling social media and seeing how happy everyone else is, grab a friend and sit together. We’re in this together, even if modern life seems driven to push us all apart.

– Colleen/ Massage Therapist @ Sacred

No Place Like Your Squad for the Holidays