Overthrow What No Longer Serves You


When we were kids, an astounding amount of movement marked the passage of days. Learning how to play a different sport, riding bikes, and just jumping up and down out of excitement (and pure unadulterated excess energy) were hallmarks of childhood. But in adulthood, the days all start to sort of run together, and during the quarantine the monotony of zoom meetings and full inboxes only served to replace the more familiar monotony of rush hour traffic on 480 and fluorescent office lighting.

After the first few weeks of working from home many chose the devil they know and were anxious to get back to their commute, if only to feel like their work and home lives were separate. All this sitting and stressing might seem normal to many, but as a bodyworker I am concerned. On a physiological level, the emotions we experience as a reaction to the events unfolding in our lives are just hormones and neurotransmitters. When we experience a lot of the same emotion (ahem, stress) all the time over and over again, our system gets flooded with these neurotransmitters and they have nowhere to go since there are only so many receptors in our bodies.

So those stress signalers just find cozy spots in our muscles and connective tissue to languish, which wouldn’t be a big deal since they just get released when you do something strenuous, but we don’t move enough in modern life to complete this process. Walking from the house to the car and then into the office is most movement many get, never giving their bodies a chance to literally shake out the biological waste from yesterday’s bullsh*t.

The Greek root of the word metabolism is derived from the combination of meta meaning “over” and ballein meaning “to throw,” which is deeply poetic to me. Time might heal many wounds, but in the case of emotional wellbeing, metabolizing emotional leftovers is necessary, and you need movement to do that successfully. If things like trauma and stress rule your life like a cruel king, you must make the move to overthrow it.

– Colleen, Sacred Hour Massage Therapist + Head Staff Writer