It had a been a week of work. It was a good week, a productive week. Nonetheless, the week had built up some pressure. I tend to receive my massage treatments, pedicures, facials, self care at SH every two weeks. However, as the end of the week came to close, I knew it was time for my total body overhaul, the Korean Scrub.
This isn’t a sales pitch. This is a heart to heart testimonial.

I booked my Korean Scrub with Christina on Saturday afternoon, owner of, who moonlights at SACRED, offering up the Korean Scrub and Fireside Foot Massage.
Christina, is another strong woman, who is hooked on the details of service, just like me.
She is in love with giving this treatment and it shows.

What I love most is when a practitioner works in our SACRED space, and understands and nails the entire process, from start to finish, on being present with the guest and going way beyond in care for them.
I was so fortunate to experience this treatment on Saturday, with her.

Receiving the Korean Scrub, only solidified why I brought this very special treatment to Ohio, the only one of its kind in the state. Christina and I actually traveled to NYC and have had this treatment in a traditional Korean Bath House. I mean this wholeheartedly, they could learn from her.

As I enter the bungalow, she showed me to my locker. I disrobed, slipped on my spa sandals., and headed to the steam. Christina was pouring me a cup of tea and cup of water.
I hung my robe up, slipped off my sandals ,and entered the steam room.
Privately, I lay naked on the heated tiles, and for 20 minutes, with my eyes closed, took in deep breathes, clearing my sinuses and calming my mind. I felt my body begin to soften, knowing I was about to be cared for in a way that is truly hard to describe.

After some time, she came to collect me, to show me to the scrub room. Dimly lit, with the sound of the running water, I lay my body, face down on the table. The steam begins to roll in and bathe me in stillness.
I lay my head on a soft towel, as she begins to pour warm water from my crown to my toes. The ritual begins, and the dead skin begins to be vigorously sloughed off, from my neck,back, butt, legs, and soles of my feet.

This is all done manually, no product, simple mitts, imported from Asia. The work is physical on her part, but everyone that offers this treatment at SACRED, loves the experience they offer with the scrub.
She rinsed my entire back body, then requested I turn to my side. As I let everything relax, she scrubbed my hip, outer leg, side of the foot, side body, armpit, arm, side of neck, and ribs, and inner leg as well.
She rinsed me again. Then again on the other side of my body.
All the while the warm steam surrounds us, making the room even darker and the continuous water running, is draining my mind.
As she turn me face up, she scrubs my chest and neck, shoulders stomach, arms and hands, legs and feet .
Another gentle pour of water grounds my soul.
I make my way to let my head hang off the table, so she can wash my hair and massage my scalp. She brushes my hair and rinses it gently again.
She washed my face and gently scrubs behind my ears with a warm wash cloth. The last time that happened, was 45 years ago, when my mom used to wash my face as a kid.

I am then scooped up and brought to the edge of the table where she rinses my back.
She then stands in front of me, holding a vessel, filled with warm water for me to rinse my own face.
She gently splashes the front of my body one last time, before wrapping a warm towel around me.
I take one last rinse under the rain shower, and wrap myself up in my warm robe, and sink into the chair in the lounge.
My Korean scrub is complete, but is it?
To me, there are few things in life anymore, where we can connect with self, be kind to the body and soul.
Massages to me are deeply soul connecting experiences, not just a physical relief, but through breathe and time, I release what doesn’t serve me and make space for what will.
The Korean Scrub is another level of care.

The experience is hands down, from coast to coast, the best scrub I have EVER had in the past 22 years. From Seattle, to LA, to Chicago, to NYC.
Christina is obsessed with offering this treatment. And it shows.
Not only was the experience, at that moment ritualistic, healing and grounding, but I floated through the rest of the evening out with friends for dinner and a show. I was gentle with myself and others, I was not anxious or had a need to over indulge.
I felt drunk in my soul.
It softened me in ways that I so needed.

If you have not experience this treatment, add it to your list.
It is a mental reset in the best way.

Christina is available this week
Monday 1-3
Wednesday 11:30-3
Friday 11:30-3
Sunday 10-4

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