Sacred Hour’s Best Kept Secret

We owe it to ourselves to celebrate all the little things and the milestones, and our Lakewood location offers a unique opportunity to celebrate our health and our accomplishments at once by enjoying a spa service with a sidecar of bubbly. Tribu is a pitch-perfect combo that meets so many Covid-era requirements: safe, private, clean, partially outdoors, and relaxing, and I am so glad that in this moment, we are able to help so many of our clients celebrate safely.

We’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that a result of adding our sweet little champagne lounge is that our flagship spa has taken on a decidedly convivial vibe, especially on the weekends. We were used to hosting groups before, but this summer has been a veritable parade of bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and birthday parties. I don’t blame you, if I had any excuse to get the squad together to take photos, have some good snacks, and take pics on that patio while everyone took turns getting a treatment I absolutely would.

All this sounds awesome to many, but if the words “party” or “convivial” bring up feelings of aversion or distress for you, you are not alone. While I encourage everyone to take advantage of our private bar, I also want to acknowledge that many see massage as a therapeutic modality: some seek massage for trauma recovery, for rehabilitation from an injury, or for grounding during times of extreme stress or anxiety. Thankfully, we have a spa for that too.

The Rocky River location of Sacred is usually not as fully booked as Lakewood, and I never really understand why. Sure, maybe it isn’t quite so photogenic as Lakewood, but the pace of Rocky River is much more appealing to me as a therapist, as well as when I come to the spa for me-time. Our smaller massage studio has four rooms, meaning fewer people to accidentally overhear or dodge in the hallways, and if I book a service for myself on a day off, I try to get in at the Rocky River location because the energy is calmer. The spa is garden level, meaning some of it is technically underground, and to get a little woo on you, the space has a very healing, grounding energy because of it. It also hosts a spiritual bookmark: Tabitha’s original massage table, the table that built Sacred Hour, is in the westernmost room.

While I understand the aesthetic appeal of Lakewood, the sunlight and banana palm and wood floors and everything, all of that melts away when we dim the lights and set to our work as estheticians and massage therapists. The feeling we are trying to let you experience, if only for an hour, is better supported by the physical and energetic walls in the Rocky River studio.

With that all in mind, Please stay tuned as we unveil a brand new Spa in Rocky River. What is currently Sacred Hour will move just 30 seconds away to a space, saddled right next to Tartine Bistro. Construction is underway. Space will open on January 30th, 2021. Bookings begin to open End of December. We’ll be unveiling our new Ritual Menu at the end of December.

– Colleen, Sacred Massage Therapist, Staff Writer