When I travel, spa research is a must for me. I love to see whats happening in other parts of the world, in regards to spa, the design of spa spaces, and experiencing the treatments they create that bring rest and rejuvenation to their guests.

We are just returning from 12 days, in my favorite part of the world, Asia. This time, China and the Philippines.


After reading up on Palawan, one of the 7,107 islands that make up the Philippines, it rates high up on the list. Some say #1. Sign me up! If its that good, perhaps its good enough to hold a SH retreat on. The best part of this trip, was our 12 year old nephew making his first international trip with us. In 12 days, we did 10 flights,  experienced 8 treatments, 7 spas and lots of dim sum. I know for some people, the thought of traveling that far is out of the question. The journey for me is all part of the experience. Select a few good books, download your favorite show,  pack an eye pillow, a comfy travel blanket, and off you go!

Because once you land, you are in paradise.

My love of Asia grows more and more every time we stay. The food, the culture, the beaches, the service, and most importantly the smiles. I was smiled at more in 12 days than I have experienced all year. What a smile does for the soul is priceless.  There is an amazing world out there. Once you travel, you realize, just how connected we all truly are.


Next retreat, GREECE, 2017. Booking begins soon!