Last Thursday I greeted my last client of the night and left her to some privacy to get cozy on the table. Everything was the same as it ever was, but when I came back in the room something seemed off. Then I noticed with a tiny prick of sadness that the light filtering in the sides of the blackout shades on the windows of my room was already starting to fade at a very young 7 pm. It doesn’t seem like we got much of a summer at all, and with dismay I noted that it’s already almost over. Seeing the sun begin to set so much earlier than it had been since we reopened made me realize how much time has passed while I busied myself with trying to make sense of such a terrible and strange year. Presence is a verb, indeed.

Whether you experience seasonal mood changes or not, winter is kind of hard for everyone in this area of the country. The long haul of bundling up and picking ice off your car is not cute, no matter how many hygge practices you adopt (although those help tremendously to soften the blow of winter in Cleveland). I think the reason why winter can be so hard emotionally is because we feel exposed- the wind and snow and deep freezes make me feel like I am at the mercy of the elements, a feeling you might have already been experiencing for some months now, Covid be damned. And yet another season of this feeling right when things were starting to look up will spoil any optimist’s mood. Thankfully, the answer to the question of how to feel grounded and affirmed lay within, and do not change with the calendar’s pages. Looking back on the last few years I know exactly when I felt the best. All of the time I spent with my eyes closed while wide awake have been the most rewarding and nourishing hours of my life. I have given (and received!) hours and hours of massage, sat for hours and hours of meditation, sang Jeff Buckley in the middle of my apartment, let my littlest nephew play with my hair… all with my eyes closed. Take it from a seasonally melancholy person, grounding through the simple sensations of your body works wonders, and will be key this winter. If you need help feeling balanced, calm, and supported, you know where to find us.