Hands Lakewood

Combo – Mani + Pedi / 75 min

Enjoy a speedy pedi and Sacred Manicure.

1 hr 15 min

Sacred Hour Manicure

Full palm pampering. File and cuticle tidy; gently buffed and removed. Enjoy a hand and arm massage with Naturopathica’s Sicilian Bergamot lotion. Polish to finish.

30 min

Gel Manicure

File and cuticle tidy, followed by a hand massage. Gel polish to finish.

45 min

Manuka Honey Manicure

  • Manuka Honey Manicure/ 45 minutes $60
  • Manuka Honey Manicure with Gel/ 60 min $70
  • Manuka Honey Manicure with Gel add on and removal /75 min $85

Sink in and experience this lush treatment to your hands and arms. Begin your ritual with a meticulous grooming and shaping of your nails, followed by a softening scrub, followed by a lavish serum and mask application. A rewarding and thorough hand and arm massage with antioxidant-rich oils and balms grounds your mind and body.

Allergies to: Soy + Coconut
Products are safe for prenatal
45 min
60 min
75 min

Gel removal

Doesn’t include a polish change, please add polish change if needed.

15 min
If combined

Polish change to hands

File and polish.

15 min

hand + arm massage / add on

The warmth of Atlas Cedar is delicately layered with a sparkling infusion of Italian Bergamot, Valencia Orange, Clementine and Pink Grapefruit. This lightweight yet deeply moisturizing body lotion uses a high concentration of Aloe to nourish and soothe the skin.

10 min

CBD Hand + Arm Massage / add on

This full-spectrum CBD balm, featuring 100mg of non-psychoactive, isolate free cannabinoids, helps chill the mind and soothe skin.* Formulated with CBD that has been CO2-extracted exclusively from organically cultivated, USA-grown hemp flowers.


Q: Is CBD psychoactive, will it get me high? What percentage is the THC content? Psychoactive as a word means a substance that changes brain function and results in alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, or behavior. CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it will not cause one to become high. While state governments have varying legalities and opinions on this, THC content is currently at a federal legal limit of no more than 0.3%.

Q: Will I pass a drug test while using CBD?  At the current legal limit of 0.3% or less, it’s unlikely one would fail a drug test that tests for THC. Naturopathica has a verified supply chain of reputable sources and offers high-quality products that are thoroughly vetted for efficacy and legality. If a product has an unverified amount of THC in it, which is a possibility in products that are not produced with transparency, traceability and verifiable levels, this could potentially be an issue.

10 min

Organic Scrub / add on

Himalayan Sea Salt + Coconut Scrub

5 min

French Nails / Add On

15 min

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