Body Rocky River

Calming the Hara

Unwind knots of tension and anxiety with this abdomen-focused ritual. This service unlocks your inner healing power with energizing guided breath work as we massage your scalp to release facial tension, while employing orange and cardamom essences to encourage metabolic balance. Lymphatic brushing and full body coffee scrub follow to move freshly generated energy and oxygen throughout the body, stimulating digestion and detoxification. A vigorous citrus and cedar hair and scalp treatment is followed by a full body and abdominal massage, finishing with detailed foot reflexology to stimulate digestion.

120 min

Ginger Cure

This healing journey offers relief from inflammation. Beginning with a ginger-infused therapeutic deep tissue massage, you will flow into a deeply relaxed state as you are wrapped in pure ginger, lemongrass and may chang fruit oils, known for their healing and anti-inflammatory effects. While you are enfolded,feel the curative power of facial marma point therapy to energize and lift your skin. Put a spring in your step as you complete your journey with an invigorating rosemary citron sea salt scrub and a refreshing shower

120 min

Purifying Gotu Kola Coffee Scrub

We prepare the skin for healing with a coffee exfoliation enriched with sarsaparilla and mineral-rich black silt, potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. Feel tension melt away under warm compresses that aid in the absorption of healing trace minerals. Complete your treatment with a rain shower.

60 min

Lemongrass Mimosa Body Scrub

This refreshing body scrub hydrates and brightens dull skin. Micronized Walnut Shells exfoliate while Mimosa and Bamboo Extracts create lasting softness. Sparkling notes of Lemongrass combined with seductive floral aromas of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang stimulate the senses for total relaxation.

60 min

Purify + Firm

This specialized service tones skin, removes toxins, and tames cellulite. Begin your purification with a black silt and coffee scrub to stimulate circulation. Lymphatic dry brushing and iced mitts help balance skin and prepare you for a deep, contouring massage that includes abdominal massage. Conclude with a full body seaweed-derived detoxifying cream application and leave with firming serums on your skin that enhance and extend the benefits of this treatment.

100 min

Sweet Birch Foot + Leg Therapy

This intensive deep tissue leg and foot massage treats sore, fatigued muscles and achy joints with juniper berry oil in a sweet birch rub, known for easing tension and muscle spasms. Birch bark extract and magnesium alleviate aches and curb cramping. Energizing, natural menthol’s stimulate circulation, relieve inflammation, and invigorate the legs and feet, while arnica extract relieves pain. Perfect for anyone who is on their feet all day.
60 min

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