This weeks therapist spotlight is shining on Sacred Hour Wellness Spa and Sacred Global Retreats Owner Tabitha! She is a leader, a massage therapist, wife, dog mom to three, yoga instructor, lover and all around bad ass boss and a true visionary!

SH: What brought you to Massage Therapy and healing through touch?
TB: I was sick in my late teens early 20’s. I battled an eating disorder, and wound up having cardiac arrest, while living in NYC. It was severe. But when you hit the bottom, you either have to climb up, or give up. So I got up and began to seek therapy. Massage was one of those those therapies.

SH: What do you love about owning a business in Cleveland?
TB: THE LOVE! If you create something from your gut, your passion, people can see that. They will support it! Its gotta be raw and real though.

SH: What inspired you to create a healing and wellness spa?
TB: I am deeply passionate about creating spaces that guests feel at home. I am equally as passionate in providing treatments that affect the energies of our body and mind. I love the business of service to others.

SH: What is the most rewarding part about owing your business?
TB: The magic of working alongside other creative souls and energies. Watching therapists, technicians, teachers, reservations, all of it, work together in unison, for a greater good. Everyone at Sacred wants to give. Everyone wants to be of service. Seeing that in motion on a daily basis is magical beyond myself. Seeing the younger generation learn and give and grow in their own practice its a beautiful thing. It’s a true gift.

SH: What does the future of SH look like to you?
TB: Expansion. We have a beautiful formula that I want to share with other areas of the world. From retreats, to new treatments, to new spaces, its all part of the future.

SH: How did you establish the culture that exists in your spa and why did you institute this particular type of culture?
TB: If you are talking about the culture of kindness and working with passion and integrity, how else can you work?
If you work in a space that is volatile or the energy is off, how is that joyful? How does that truly feed the soul? After a while it makes you sick, can cause disease. I want to work with those that can communicate what they need to be happy in this space. Our work is to service those that seek our therapy. You must come from a place of loving kindness in order to do that. I love providing a space in which therapists can expand and feel they are comfortable to be creative in their work. I want to work with those that have integrity and passion for their work. Otherwise it doesn’t work.
SH: How do you find your center and ground yourself!?

TB: I need to recharge and take a step back. And how I do that is simply time for myself. Making space for me is imperative. You cant grind all of the time.

SH: Where does your drive for perfection come from?
TB: Haha! I have no idea what you are talking about! My brain works best with trying to perfect the space and tweak until it feels right. My mom. She is part crazy and part genius. She grew up in Germany with a strict mom, always cleanings, keeping organized, creating beautiful spaces, everything having its place. The mind works better that way. I cannot work in chaos.

SH: Who inspires you the most?
TB: My husband. That man is crazy, wild, and has love for more people than deserve it. lol He is a modern day Ghandi. Its hard to keep up with his energy. He also is a killer in business. And that allows me to stretch my wings out and fly. I love him. On our retreats, I do much of the back end work leading up to our retreats. He however, is the Ricardo Montalbán of our retreat. He is adventurous and happy. Its infectious.

SH: Of all of your travels around the world where was your favorite?
TB: Wow. So many. London, Thailand, Tuscany, Amalfi, Rome, Costa Rica, all of it! However, probably one of the most memorable, was our retreat to Italy. Sacred Hour journeyed to Italy, we spent 1 week in a luxe villa in the Val D’Orcia countryside, and then traveled on to Amalfi for 4 days, where we called an old fort on the water, from the 1500’s our home. One of the most beautiful moments, was the boat ride. I always rent private yachts or boats during our Sacred Retreats. In Italy, we cruised up the coast of Amalfi and out to Capri in 2 teak boats, listening to Pavarotti, drinking Limoncello, taking in the views of the Amalfi coast by water. It was so joyful for the guests. That is what makes me happy.

SH: What destination do you have your eyes set on next?
TB: Peru. We are working it. 😉 A soul journey. Shamans, Hiking and more.

SH: Where do you get design inspiration from?
TB: My travel. London and Sweden were big for the design elements of Sacred in Lakewood.

SH: What your favorite way to relax?
TB: At home fireside, dogs, laughter and friends.

SH: To what do you attribute your success?
TB: Work. Laser focus. I remember time I was painting ceiling tiles on New Years one year, early on in my space. And giving a massage on Thanksgiving. Im not afraid of hard work, at any time. When it comes down to it, its work ethic. If something doesn’t work, assess, shift and move on.

SH: Whats your favorite service to receive?
TB: I love a great foot massage. Or the Korean Scrub.

SH: Whats your guilty pleasure?
TB: Cleveland Vegan Peanut Cookies!