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self love
October 17, 2018
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Would you ever talk to a friend the way you talk to yourself on your worst days? It’s easy to identify with our inner critic, but we’re often intolerant toward ourselves in a way we’d never be with others. This kind of conditional self-love is most common among women – even the confident ones. We challenge you to take this advice for cultivating a better body image and deeper sense of self-love… As women, we constantly feel the need to change or better ourselves to fit an ideal — to be … [Read more…]

real you
June 20, 2018
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You being you is not only important it is vital to your well being and happiness. Suppression leads to stress, sickness and disease. Have you ever looked around and wondered why you don’t feel connected to a tribe or feel whole in your relationships? Chances are you are not being you! When you’re not being you other people cant see you, they don’t know that you share the same struggles. That you have similar experiences. That you love telling inappropriate jokes, or have a dry sense of humor. … [Read more…]

June 13, 2018
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What does the voice in your head sound like? Many of us can be quite tough on ourselves believing it is necessary to grow, improve or execute our lengthy to do lists. The more self-inflicted, self-criticism we endure the lower our self-esteem goes, the more anxious and depressed we feel. In culture today there is an unwritten message that being hard on yourself is the price you have to pay to get things done and meet those often impossible expectations, standards and ideals we … [Read more…]

December 27, 2017
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Creating an altar is a sacred way to call spiritual energies into your home. It reinforces your intention to invite more peace, serenity, and love into your space. It can be used for prayer, meditation, chanting, or just a place of sheer beauty and connection to the Divine. 1. Select a Sacred place in your home where you are regularly, this will remind you to take time to meditate or pray. 2. Clear the energy in this space. By doing this you are committed to holding your altar as … [Read more…]

korean scrub expert
November 16, 2017
Korean Scrub


Our dear friend Christina is our Korean Scrub expert here at Sacred Hour. She is also the owner of Be Studios CLE! We got to chat with her about life, working at SH and owning her business here in Cleveland and this is what she had to say! SH: How did you meet Tabitha? CA: I met Tabitha over 10 years ago at Sacred Hour in her original Lakewood space, she was my favorite massage therapist, ever! SH: Tell me a little bit about the history of your business. CA: I started Be Studios 10 … [Read more…]