The Newest Way To Chill

What makes this new self-care elixir so exciting for the spa world, is that CBD can be ingested as well as absorbed transdermally. Topically applied CBD has been clinically proven to reduce pain and inflammation locally and has also been shown to reduce overall stress and anxiety. This means a lot to us at Sacred Hour, as alleviating these symptoms is exactly our business. You might be wondering why it took us so long to get on board with CBD treatments.

With any buzzworthy and new spa treatments, it’s easy to get carried away and get your hands on new products as soon as possible to give it a whirl. In the US, CBD producers were coming out of the woodwork during the honeymoon period of its legality, with sourcing and growing methods that were not always transparent. We believe in integrity and quality of product, so when Naturopathica announced they would be releasing a CBD line in autumn 2019, we knew our wait for clean, spa-grade CBD products would be handsomely rewarded. Tabitha chose Naturopathica as Sacred Hour’s product line for it’s commitment to organic, sustainable spa products, and their CBD line is no exception. All of Naturopathica’s CBD is sourced from a single hemp farmer in Colorado, giving us confidence that we are delivering you the best the CBD market has to offer.

Sacred Hour carries three CBD based products:

  • CHILL Full Spectrum CBD & Ginger Body Oil- ginger root oil produces a warming effect, along with 626g of high quality, full-spectrum cannabinoids in a skin-nourishing hemp seed oil base. This recipe makes for an excellent massage experience, as the smell and warmth of the ginger is like a cup of tea for your skin.
  • CHILL Full Spectrum CBD & Kava Balm- made with hemp flower oil, the most CBD rich part of the plant. CBD binds locally to CB receptors in muscles and joints with additional help from Kava Root extract. Vetiver oil comes into play as a grounding, earthy scent. The texture of this balm is fabulous: rich and comforting, but light enough to apply to your face.
  • CHILL Full Spectrum CBD Microdose Elixir- made with hemp flower oil and hemp seed oil, it is pure enough to be ingested. Six drops held on the tongue for 15 seconds is enough for an overall sense of peace, but can also be added to a cup of tea before bedtime.

Using these three products, Sacred Hour offers four services with varying application density to give you the opportunity to either dip your toe in the CBD world or dive in headfirst.

  • The CBD Pedicure (Lakewood location only)
  • The CBD Facial
  • The CBD Massage
  • The Chill Way Out package combines all three of the above services, getting you as close to heaven as you can get in Lakewood Ohio.

All four services are paired with a cup of Naturopathica’s Stress Tea, to which we add a dose of CBD elixir. The effects of the CBD will kick in about 5 minutes into your service. And no, you won’t need to call your Mom for a ride home.

Even for those of us who seek spa services simply to relax, but have a hard time letting go of your to-do list or email inbox, CBD helps you drop into the moment and really let go for a little while. Sacred Hour is currently taking appointments for all CBD services. If you love our CBD products and want some to take home with you, the CBD & Kava Balm and the CBD Elixir are available for purchase at the front desk.

The Newest Way To Chill