Unraveling the Mystery of Energy Healing

It’s easy to roll your eyes and dismiss the impact of energy healing. Energy healing is just one branch of alternative medicine based on the belief that healers can channel healing energy into a patient to achieve positive results. Some patients have reported something more, something quite peculiar: a magnetic energy running through the hands of their healer. Many are quick to dismiss it as a placebo effect, but what is actually happening? 

Jill Blakeway has had an energy healing practice in New York since that late ’90s and it has stayed consistently busy. Her acupuncture clients noticed something a bit peculiar when they came in for their service—a magnetic energy seemed to be running through Jill’s hands as she worked on their bodies. Was it a placebo effect? Were they sensing Blakeway’s own life energy?

Blakeway began by researching bioscience and quantum physics. Chinese medicine has a tradition of hands-on healing called medical Qigong. Skilled practitioners found that they could use their own qi, or energy field to affect energy through the acupuncture needle. The electromagnetic fields in our bodies are not so easily explained, much like the scientist who cured mice of cancer without conventional medicine, healers who are immune to pain and an acupuncturist who uses energy in place of needles. A better distillation of the information is clearly required. 

What cannot be disputed are the results of an energy healing session. Patients report an overwhelming calm and sense of wellbeing, reduced stress. It has also been used to treat allergies, digestive conditions as well as improving the immune system. Perhaps the benefits are up to the patient to decide.