When in doubt, go deeper

All eight planets go into retrograde, the term we use to describe the optical illusion that occurs in regular orbit patterns that makes it look as though a planet is moving backwards. This happens with Mercury frequently, roughly three times a year, and affects the way we communicate which may explain why we hear about it so much. Every planet brings with it cosmic implications, and when a planet stations retrograde, the qualities that planet imparts in our lives is reversed. We can harness planetary transits to our benefit if we pay attention to subtle shifts in our thought patterns and attitudes toward others. I could tell long stories about each planet’s interaction with us as individuals, but since Pluto’s retrograde ended on October 2nd in this season of change, I’d like to dig in there.

Pluto is a compelling transit to follow because of how Pluto’s transformational energy manifests in our lives. Pluto is the lord of all our unconscious desires, anxieties, fears, and secrets. So with Pluto in retrograde, we have an opportunity to explore our deepest motivations and what subconsciously may be holding us back. The Plutonic retrograde began on April 24th, so it’s useful to look back on what was coming up for you during late spring. Did you begin to question whether you are playing small in your career out of fear of failure, or whether you are unhappy in your relationship and might be staying in it just so you are not alone? This retrograde offers a months-long glimpse into our deepest selves, so now that Pluto has stationed direct, it’s a good time to take inventory of areas where we don’t feel as strong or empowered.

Pluto direct reminds us that we can only come into our full power if we embrace our whole true selves. Our weak spots do not have to be weaknesses, they form the balance we so often admire in nature- for instance, the human belly is our physical soft spot, but that softness is necessary for flexibility and for expansion during pregnancy. So with this in mind, remember this is the deeply buried stuff. When excavating these skeletons there is a time for backhoes and a time for delicately brushing off dust by hand. Be kind to yourself, but be confident in the changes you might be inspired to make.

When in doubt, go deeper:::