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About Sacred Hour – A Cleveland Wellness Spa

Sacred Hour isn’t just a place, it is an escape. A respite from the chaos and noise of life. A place to shed stress and free your inner peace and joy. We have carefully curated a safe haven to transcend your stress and soothe your body, mind and soul. Within our space there is no detail too small to be important. All of your senses will be calmed by gentle scents, soft lighting and plush materials as you relax in our sanctuary, awaiting the highest level of wellness treatments available.


Sacred Hour has been designed so that our guests are sheltered from the noise and anxiety of everyday life. Whether you need a brief visit or a full day of tranquility, our extensive menu of wellness treatments allows you to design your own experience. Plan out your special time, whether you need 30 minutes or 5 hours, from our massages, steam and scrubs, or facials. Sacred Hour offers a refuge for every person and every need.


We pride ourselves on our attentive and accomplished staff of Massage Therapists, Reiki Masters, Estheticians, and Nail Technicians, each of whom will help your body and mind ease the stress and reduce the anxiety you are carrying. They are dedicated to their art and are honored to provide you with a truly unique experience that will leave you rested and recharged. You will be a different person when you leave our spa – rejuvenated and refreshed.


Taking inspiration from our global travels, retreats, and influences, Sacred Hour provides treatments from all four corners of the globe. We offer 23 unique types of massage, performed on our heated massage tables, so there is at least one that is just right for you. Feeling adventurous? We offer treatments that incorporate steam and our Korean Scrub is the only one of its kind in Ohio.


Is it time for some serenity and stillness? Are you prepared to unwind and let your anxiety float away? Visit us and experience how good and joyous your life can be.

The rest of the world starts right here.


That means the first step in a journey to anywhere starts in our community. And our community is an incredible place because we support one another. Local businesses are owned and operated by your neighbors and they are invested in the well-being of our community and its future.


When it’s time for you to relax and shed stress, we hope that you shop local and visit Sacred Hour.

our space
Thoughtfully curated, because no detail in the consideration of your peace and relaxation and rejuvenation, is too small.