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I’m going to sound like your kooky crystals hippie friend when I talk about this service, so I apologize in advance. Based off the traditional jjimjilbang experience, the Korean Scrub is two parts: you shower off, then sit in the steam room for about 15 minutes. The steam helps the outer layer of your skin plump with water so it will slough off easily. After that, our lead scrub therapist, Brittan, will come get you from the steam, and lead you over to a table where she will exfoliate your entire body with exfoliating mitts.

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first korean scrub
February 9, 2018
Korean Scrub


My first Korean Scrub experience If you don’t know what a Korean Scrub is it is a unique experience, a full body scrub. Performed in Korea, it is called Seshin. Our Seshin, is a head to toe exfoliation ritual, removing dead skin. This is a serious scrub, intended for a full body experience, that will result in baby soft skin. For Christmas Tabitha General Manager + Owner of Sacred Hour Wellness Spa and Sacred Retreats gifted me a Korean Scrub. I’ve been with the team since June booking … [Read more…]

korean scrub expert
November 16, 2017
Korean Scrub


Our dear friend Christina is our Korean Scrub expert here at Sacred Hour. She is also the owner of Be Studios CLE! We got to chat with her about life, working at SH and owning her business here in Cleveland and this is what she had to say! SH: How did you meet Tabitha? CA: I met Tabitha over 10 years ago at Sacred Hour in her original Lakewood space, she was my favorite massage therapist, ever! SH: Tell me a little bit about the history of your business. CA: I started Be Studios 10 … [Read more…]

October 30, 2017
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It had a been a week of work. It was a good week, a productive week. Nonetheless, the week had built up some pressure. I tend to receive my massage treatments, pedicures, facials, self care at SH every two weeks. However, as the end of the week came to close, I knew it was time for my total body overhaul, the Korean Scrub. This isn’t a sales pitch. This is a heart to heart testimonial. I booked my Korean Scrub with Christina on Saturday afternoon, owner of, who … [Read more…]

July 18, 2017
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The Korean Scrub. What is it? How come you haven’t experienced  it yet?  I’ve been receiving Korean scrubs since I was 22.  Now at 47, Im still in love with this ultra pampering, head to toe exfoliation. In Korea, bath houses or jimjibangs, offer everything from hot and cold tubs, showers, saunas and massage tables. The Korean scrub is also offered to guests in these gender separated, public bathhouses.  I decided a long time ago, that when I owned my very own spa, I would bring this ritual to … [Read more…]