Self Care
February 18, 2020
Self Love

Discernment As Self Care

Collectively, in the last few years, it finally dawned on us that absolutely flooring it until we achieve every last one of our goals and resting only after success is not practicable. Stopping for breaks to care for ourselves is vital to a well rounded and fulfilling life, and the popularization of this concept birthed the self-care movement. Self-care is a term that has been applied to the general idea of taking a gentler and more mindful approach to your own life. Caring for yourself means establishing a morning ritual, scheduling a massage, or booking some yoga classes, especially when you feel a bad case of burnout coming on.

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Living and Loving Freely
February 12, 2020
Self Love

On Living And Loving Freely

Last week we talked a little bit about how important de-stressing is to the process of connecting with yourself and with your partner. Stress clouds our minds with unwelcome thoughts, encourages the spiral of anxiety, and gets in the way of treating ourselves and loved ones with the care and complete attention they deserve.

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October 31, 2018
rituals, Self Love, Spiritual, Tips

new season | new routine

Routines or Rituals can help us feel grounded and balanced. There’s something comforting about living in a rhythm — and that’s okay. While bad habits can keep us from healthy life progress, healthy rituals and routines can propel us forward and elevate our quality of life. The Benefits of Rituals Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” We need rituals because they help guide us and give our lives a rhythm we can dance to. But we also count on them as lovely little reminders of what …
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