healing space
July 3, 2019
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Spend a few relaxing moments in a space of your own that will result in clarity, peace and quiet. Create a healing space in your home that supports your best self. It doesn’t have to be elaborate – just an intentional space that soothes your senses and feeds your soul. Sit in your thoughts a bit and be mindful about things you see and do that help you feel comfortable and relaxed. Allow your intuition guide you and include items that activate happy, positive thoughts and … [Read more…]

June 19, 2019


So if you’re wondering if you’re a highly sensitive person, here is a quick and easy 60-second quiz.  Take it now: Are you highly affected by the moods of others? Are you easily rattled by having a lot thrown at you? Are you aware of subtle changes made to your home, work or creative environment? Do you often need alone time away from stimulus, sounds, and other people? Do you feel that you process situations on a deeper level? Do you have a sound awareness of your thoughts … [Read more…]

getting sleep
June 5, 2019


Difficulty sleeping is separated into two categories—-getting to sleep and staying asleep. If you have difficulty getting to sleep, start a ritual. A warm bath can start to relax your body, leading your mind to follow. Avoid “blue light” before bed—that means no phones, tablets, television. Next, try to make your sleeping quarters to be as cool and dark as possible. Now that you’ve set the physical stage, it’s time to lighten up your mind and body. Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed and focus … [Read more…]

decoding the lone wolf

It’s a Me Party… and I’m the only one invited. I’m the girl who prefers being alone. Sound lonely? Not even close.  Why is solo life so appealing? Because I love Me Time. Sound boring? Then you’re doing it wrong. The secret is to find Me Time that recharges YOU. It doesn’t have to be a scene from Sex and the City. It just needs to be that thing that lights you up… Pinterest-ing for two hours, maybe a deep tissue massage… You have to figure that out!  How do I pack in a superhuman amount of …
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October 31, 2018
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new season | new routine

Routines or Rituals can help us feel grounded and balanced. There’s something comforting about living in a rhythm — and that’s okay. While bad habits can keep us from healthy life progress, healthy rituals and routines can propel us forward and elevate our quality of life. The Benefits of Rituals Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” We need rituals because they help guide us and give our lives a rhythm we can dance to. But we also count on them as lovely little reminders of what …
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